Stone Stack Mill

Stone Stack Mill opened in 2010 and is located at P_Bar Farms on Route 66 by Hydro, Oklahoma. P_Bar Farms is also home to one of the oldest Corn Mazes in Oklahoma, where 1,000s of kids visit on field trips. During these field trips, owners Loren and Kim Liebscher discovered the majority of today’s youth did not know where their food came from. In fact, when asked where flour comes from, most kids answered “the grocery store” and had no idea flour came from wheat and that there was a farmer even involved in the process. The Liebschers set out to educate kids about farming and where their food comes from, and opened Stone Stack Mill to provide kids with an educational experience during field trips.

Stone Stack Mill offers:

  • 100% Whole Wheat Flour that is milled from Oklahoma wheat that is grown using sustainable farming  
  • Blue Corn Meal
  • Yellow Corn Meal