The Salsa Factory


Gary Creason worked in the advertising business since 1985. He gained experience working in restaurants as a waiter and bartender, and has enjoyed cooking and being an amateur chef his whole life. Gary grew up eating his Dad’s homemade salsa recipe that originated “right off the banks of the Brazos River” using a New Mexico style red and green chili sauce. Gary tweaked the recipe, and Mango Madness Salsa was born.

A friend had peppers growing around her backyard pool and asked Gary to make salsa from her peppers. Those peppers turned out to be habaneros, and Gary’s fingers were numb for days! That recipe was a hit, and is now sold as Habanero Hysteria Salsa. Many friends have taste tested the salsa recipes to insure delicious results.

The Salsa Factory made its first batch on March 8, 2011.