Prairie Thunder Baking Company

Our Mission:
Our mission is to bake the best quality breads and pastries available to the Oklahoma City area, always fresh and always from scratch.

Our Breads:
Our breads are our pride and joy. They are made fresh every morning, and are served throughout the cafe. You may enjoy them in one of our delicious cafe meals, or you can take them home to enjoy. Our breads range from the traditional baguette, made the right way from only flour, water, yeast and salt, to the 5-Grain Levain, a flavorful multi-grain sourdough made with a variety of grains, and beyond. All of our breads are made from the simplest ingredients possible, contain no preservatives and are 100% natural. Our bread selection changes every day and depends on the whim of the bakers, so come in often and try them all.